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This new innovative and patented technique brings together deep tissue massage as well as joint manipulation and functional stretching. During the massage, one of our expert therapists will suspend you using a fixed structure with ropes and harnesses.



 This structure allows your head, legs and arms to be freely suspended and moved into different positions so that our therapist can manipulate the articulations with more dexterity and freedom compared to a traditional table. Both pelvis and spinal column will be perfectly aligned as they will rest on the massage stretcher.  The braces that support arms and legs comfortably allow complete relaxation and suspension support within normal structural postures, without muscular strain or discomfort.

By using this innovative approach our therapist is able to manipulate not only the articulation of any joint, but also deep muscle sets in their entirety both locally and within the peripheral elements of the limbs and torso itself.

In particular, the stretching and elongation technique applied to the arms and shoulders are made even more efficient and comfortable by the braces that allow for additional relaxation of the muscle bands in question.                          

The inferior limbs suspention will give an immediate feeling of lightness, allowing for a greater stretching capacity to the spine that will be perfectly aligned thanks to this approach. The therapist will have greater room for manoeuvre thanks to the suspended lower articulations, which allows the limbs to be stretched and massaged more in depth. An overall wellness increase will be achieved. As a result of this massage technique, the circulation will be greatly improved in all limbs and articulations and you will benefit from a greater mobility after the experience.




A greater subjective perception of functional mobility and flexibility of the articulations as well as an increased wellness feeling;

Increased mobility of legs, arms and pelvis;

A more personalised stretching and massage experience that allows for greater wellness and overall mobility.